The expertise of Petroholding Italia

Petroholding Italia is specialized in two main areas of the real estate business:

Acquisitions & Development Management

In light of its over twenty years of experience in development and acquisitions, the team has solid in-house expertise and strong personal relationships in the Milano and Rome business community, which enables us to identify and negotiate investment opportunities before others, most of the times resulting in off-market transactions.

An excellent personal reputation, integrity and credibility in the financial community, both Italian and international, grants direct access to some of the most important players and investors when an interesting opportunity of investment arises. At the same time, a very thorough understanding and familiarity with the functioning of the capital markets and the bank system allows our team to present a project, negotiate financing conditions and come to the execution of a deal in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Project Management and Construction Management departments ensure a project is acquired and brought to completion according to the best international standards of this practice.
In particular the following phases and tasks represent the minimum standard of Petroholding Development Management Activity on any project.

Repositioning and Value Adding of existing and distressed assets

Our sound knowledge of the Italian real estate market, with particular reference to Office, Residential, Hotel and Retail spaces , enables Petroholding Italia to offer Value Added and Repositioning services to the owners of these types of assets, be them large such as Banks, Insurance Companies or Funds or relatively small like Family Offices, private investors and entrepreneurs, which do not necessarily own the skills and the expertise required for such complex activity.

Our activity generally starts with an analysis of the property or the portfolio of assets requiring repositioning and value adding. Then we present a proposal to the owner which describes the nature of the intervention, a detailed budget of costs involved and relative time schedule, and a grounded estimate of the cash flow of the property newly repositioned at completion. Once the owner resolves to proceed, Petroholding Italia manages and controls all the execution phases of the project.