Projects in Ukraine

Real Estate


Shopping & Entertainment Center, 154 Borshchagivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Close to the intersection of two main highways, in a prestigious residential and commercial area with a high rate of economically active young people, very convenient in terms of mass transport system and relatively close to the city center, this 6 stories and 1000 parking lots mall was completed in 2013 and rented to anchor and middle level tenants. Supermarket, restaurants and fitness center are part of this modern complex of 58.000 sqm gross surface and 40.000 sqm rentable area.

Marmelad was sold at the beginning of 2016 to a local Ukrainian investor.

mapmelad 3s
mapmelad 4s

Oil & Gas

2004 – 2006

Customer: NJSC ‘Naftogaz Ukraine’ GTP “Poltavagasvidobuvannya“
– Completion in the Sula floodplain of the Yablunevskiy GCF in the Lokhvitskiy Rayon in the Poltavskaya Oblast of the 2nd construction phase.
Construction of hard-surface roads;
– Well completion and hookup;
– Construction of gas and oil flow-lines.


Well completion of the Gadyatskiy GCF in the Poltavskaya Oblast. Well completion and hookup;

2004 – 2005

– Construction of the drilling product disposal and refining skid of the Yablunevskiy OGCF (Oil and Gas condensate field).

-Well completion of the Timofeevskiy GCF. Reconstruction of the Timofeefskaya CPS (cycling process station) for higher rates of gas stripping.

Customer: NJSC ‘Naftogaz Ukraine’ GTP “Kharkovgazvidobuvannya“
Well completion of the Yulievskoye GCF. Construction of the third division of the gas pipeline GTU (Gas Treatment unit) Yulievskoye-Bogoduhov-GTU Stepovaya-SPK (Shebelinka-Poltava-Kyiv) in the Kharkovskaya Oblast.

2003 – 2005

Construction of the Novotroitsk-Soloha gas pipelines d530mm.


– Well completion in the Sula floodplain of the Yablunevskiy GCF (Gas-Condensate field) in the Lokhvitskiy Rayon, in the Poltavskaya Oblast’ the 1st construction phase.
– Hydraulic filling of sites for wells;
– Bank pitching;
– Artificial pond construction;
– Construction of hard-surface roads;
– Landscaping and site finishing.